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Andrea Gruszecki, ND,
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Five-Part Harmony & Healing

Five-Part Harmony, a Model of Health for the 21st Century

Healing is a five-phase process that brings awareness and balance to body, mind, heart, Spirit, and energetic. The goals of healing include:

Body: Bring the body back into balance using simple, gentle, cleansing and rejuvenating processes. Making new choices for health and wellness will “bring up” issues stored in the body that may be better resolved through mental/emotional awareness and spiritual surrender. It takes a lot of energy to function when the body is out of balance. The result of re-balancing and “cleaning up” the lifestyle is increased energy and improved health.

Emotions (“Heart”): Our emotions are a natural part of human life and evolved to serve us by giving us information about ourselves and our interactions with the environment and beings around us. Healthy emotions are recognized and consciously released. Unhealthy emotions are the result of trauma or training and are stored (suppressed) or ignored (repressed) in the body and subconscious mind. Holographic Memory Resolution™ (HMR™) and/or other techniques bring these feelings up and out of the body/subconscious into conscious awareness, so we can make wise and loving choices about keeping or releasing them, gently and easily.

Mind: Our thoughts and perceptions (driven by our experiences and emotions), shape and co-create our universe and experience. Simple practices such as mindfulness, meditation, and reframing, raise our awareness and help us gain conscious control over our thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes. Once we are conscious, we can begin to use our thoughts and intentions to create more of what we want in our lives.

Spirit: There is a deep longing in each of us to connect with the Divine. No matter how successful or happy our lives may be, if we leave Spirit out, our lives will always feel incomplete and dissatisfied. The goal is to become more aware of the flow of Spirit in our lives; to reconnect and surrender to Spirit and our own intuitive guidance so that we may reclaim our own true Divine nature, and create a more constant connection to the Divine.

Energetic: The human bioelectric field must function correctly to ensure health and balance. The human energy field or any of its channels or meridians, may become blocked by trauma or external influences such as electromagnetic fields or disharmonic earth energy fields. Identifying and removing or eliminating these energetic impacts is essential for the health of body, mind, heart, and Spirit.

Once the root cause is uncovered, various healing modalities may be employed and woven together to restore balance. In general, the healing strategy will match the root cause (energetic solutions for energetic imbalances, etc.). Andrea can help her clients identify appropriate strategies with BodyTalk™ and from her training and experience with the Five-Part Harmony Model of Health.

Balanced Human Being Induction of Trauma Physical Manifestation of Trauma

A balanced human being is self-aware of all their thoughts feelings and emotions on a moment to moment basis. Self-awareness (or mindfulness) allows a person to be in the moment, and respond to people and situations, rather than react from encoded memories of fear or anger. Reactions are the result of experience and trauma.

The first figure shows a Balanced Human Being, all the channels are open and there is a healthy energy exchange with the environment.

The second figure shows how trauma (especially before seven years of age), starts to create blocks in mental and emotional function. A traumatized person will create a life to match their mental perceptions or filters and manifest what they heard and saw as children. It is no accident that abused children often grow up to be abusive themselves.

The third figure shows how unresolved trauma, may over time generate symptoms in the physical body if all other avenues of expression are blocked by the traumatic experiences and mental shields (denial, distraction, addiction) created by the individual to cope after the trauma. The mental/emotional stressors will disrupt the body through the psycho-neuro-immunological (PNI) system, which creates messenger proteins that travel throughout the body and can influence the immune system and inflammation pathways, leading to chronic “dis-ease” or other ailments.  This is the mechanism proposed in "mind/body" medicine.

Holographic Memory Resolution™ may help uncover the root cause of a client’s problem. In combination with other healing modalities, it can be a powerful tool to restore balance. Each client is assessed as a unique individual – body, mind, heart and spirit, to uncover the root cause of the client’s problem; then many different modalities may be employed to remove “obstacles to cure” and restore balance. In general, the healing strategy will match the root cause (energetic solutions for energetic imbalances, etc.) Clients may receive healing information directly during the HMR™ process or from Andrea afterwards.

How do I know I have an Imbalance?
Imbalances can manifest in many ways and many areas of your life. Have you “tried everything” to fix a problem, only to have the problem remain or get worse? Have you noticed that since moving to a new location or situation (home or work) that you always seem to be sick, tired, unmotivated, accident-prone? Do you feel “stuck” or unable to move forward in your life? Do you feel that there’s something “out there” that you want to or need to be doing, but aren’t sure what that is or how to get there? Is your life everything you want it to be? A good place to start is to click into The Personal Balance Checklist here.

Never feeling comfortable in a certain location (house, room) may indicate an imbalance associated with the property.

Uncomfortable feelings may include "heaviness," fatigue, anxiety, or manifest as multiple, unexplained illness or repetitive accidents while residing at a certain location. Animals may be especially sensitive to such disruptions, and may deliberately avoid certain rooms or areas that "feel bad" to them.

Holographic Memory Resolution™ may help uncover the root cause of the problem, and in combination with other modalities, it can be a powerful tool to restore balance.

Andrea Gruszecki, Doctor of Naturopathy.

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