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Andrea Gruszecki, ND,
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Holographic Memory Resolution,
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What is Holographic Memory Resolution?

Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR™) is a new body-mind technique now available in this area. HMR™ allows expedient access to past memories and complete resolution of the painful emotions associated with traumatic events, without "re-living" the event or affecting historical memory. This gentle, client-centered technique can help eliminate “stuck patterns,” self-defeating behaviors, negative thinking, and unresolved issues.

Painful memories, which may not be consciously recalled, are often at the core of dysfunctional behaviors, chronic pain, and fatigue.

HMR™ is a "reframing" technique that employs, simultaneously, a verbal technique and a simple, "hands-on" energetic application to the client's electromagnetic field (the "aura "or "subtle bodies" of the human energy field). The HMR™ practitioner monitors the patient by observing REM (rapid eye movement) as the client moves into the trance state, and feels a shift in the client's energy field as resolution occurs and the body and energy field return to a state of balance. The combination of techniques coordinates the conscious and subconscious minds in a "waking dream" that allows access to the encoded traumatic memory and associated emotions, without the danger of a deeper, hypnotic trance state that could result in re-living or retraumatization.

Brent Baum, the originator of the HMR™ technique, describes the trauma encoding process(1,2)

“A trauma is a spontaneous state of self-hypnosis... which occurs spontaneously at times of stress and serves to contain the experience to prevent the subject from becoming overwhelmed.(3) Psychological shocks and traumatic events are psycho-neuro-physiological dissociations…the encoding of trauma in the nerve cells of the body is facilitated by the limbic-hypothalamic-pituitary system (emotional center) and exercises a profound influence on the functioning of the autonomic nervous system, the endocrine system and the immune system.(4)

At the moment of traumatization, all sensory perceptions are “paused” and stored holographically at one millisecond prior to the worst part of the event.(5) The event is encoded… and stored in the nerve centers where the pain first became overwhelming(6) …such memory “fragments” provide access to the stored memory…as every fragment of a holographic scene contains the whole(7) …The resolution of our traumas, therefore, requires that we address these powerful, encoded moments and states of consciousness."

Trauma resolution empowers the individual to release the painful emotions that keep them tied to the past; once the chains are broken, the individual is free to realize their human potential by living fully in the present moment.

1,2 Baum 1997-8; 3 Cheek 1981; 4 Seyle 1976; 5 Grove 1989; 6 Baum 1995; Pibram 1997

Balanced Human Being Induction of Trauma Physical Manifestation of Trauma

A balanced human being is self-aware of all their thoughts feelings and emotions on a moment to moment basis. Self-awareness (or mindfulness) allows a person to be in the moment, and respond to people and situations, rather than react out of fear or anger. Reactions are the result of experience and trauma.

The first figure shows a Balanced Human Being, all the channels are open and there is a healthy energy exchange with the environment.

The second figure shows how trauma (especially before seven years of age), starts to create blocks in mental and emotional function. A traumatized person will create a life to match their mental perceptions or filters and manifest what they heard and saw as children. It is no accident that abused children often grow up to be abusive themselves.

The third figure shows how unresolved trauma, may over time generate symptoms in the physical body if all other avenues of expression are blocked by the traumatic experiences and mental shields (denial, distraction, addiction) created by the individual to cope after the trauma. The mental/emotional stressors will disrupt the body through the psycho-neuro-immunological (PNI) system, which creates messenger proteins that travel throughout the body and can influence the immune system and inflammation pathways, leading to chronic “dis-ease” or other ailments.

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