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Personal Balance Checklist

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Andrea Gruszecki, ND,
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Holographic Memory Resolution,
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Personal Balance Checklist
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Have You:
Learned to feel good about yourself?

Learned to relax?

Learned to manage stress?

Stopped "bad habits? (smoking, over-eating, etc.)

Satisfied with work & relationships?

Learned to manage time/stop procrastinating?

Created a meaningful spiritual practice?

Created a healthy lifestyle? (diet, exercise, risk management)

Learned to re-frame experiences into lessons?

Created a life that satisfies and fulfills you?

Do you still need to:
Accept yourself?

Take or make time for yourself?

Acknowledge to  stressors in your life?

Break out of old patterns of addictions?

Create goals or boundaries (say "no")?

Be present in the moment?


Make better choices and keep healthy changes in your life?

Learn to manifest/co-create your reality?


* Many physical symptoms may have a psycho-spiritual "root" cause.  Research has shown that about 70% of people go to their doctors for "psycho-somatic" (mind-body) complaints.  While standard laboratory testing will show that the body is imbalanced, the lab results often cannot pinpoint the real cause of the imbalance.  Other methods of detection are required.  The "root" of your current complaint may be:
Physical Emotional Mental/Perception Spiritual Energetic

*(The above information is intended for educational purposes only.  It is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition, and does not replace appropriate care by your physician.)

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